Apr 2, 2009

Too Serious

I painted this guy on a day I felt quite subdued for no particular reason. I just began sketching / playing with a blueish, dull palette and finally came with this bodyguard. Kinda serious mood, so I cheered it up :) It was terapeuthical in some way.

If it happens to raise a smile on anyone else, then it's worth posting it. Took slightly over 3 hours in Photoshop; I spent longer than expected trying no to make the wig feel flat or "pasted" over the rest.

The Unexpectedly Hectic Stroll through Sunset Avenue (aka Goofzilla)

Time ago I drew in my sketchbook some goofy characters in sort of a "naïf" world, which I liked, but didn't exactly know what to do with them, so they were eventually forgotten.

Months later, I found a good use for them while studying light and color, since that childish look was very appropriate for the kind of self-educative illustration I was heading for.

I was messing with this piece for quite a long time, perhaps over 40 hours, since I really wanted it to be useful for my art education, and it has been indeed an invaluable learning tool.

It's all Photoshop. I have the feeling that I went too far with the resolution and some details that are lost in the resized image (the original is near double of this one), but anyway, we learn from mistakes. Finally it was printed jumbo-size for my nephews' room :)

Hello, world!

Welcome to Abelo's Portfolio, wandering visitor! Take a sit and feel at home.

Finally I had the time and mood to invest in my own blog. I can't say I'm a big blogger myself, shame on me, but here it is for anyone willing to waste his precious time in watching the ramblings that leave my mind.

This blog will serve as my portfolio, specially until I finish the "official" one, although I may actually use it for some news, should I find them interesting enough. But wait... who the hell am I? Why should you be watching my damned blog?

Well, my name is Abel Oroz, but feel free to call me Abelo. I am from the Spanish city of Pamplona, and I'm currently doing what I should have done 10 years ago: studying art and illustration in Madrid. I expect to finish it next year and make it my job for a living, simply because it is what I love to do. So, here I'll be hanging my worthwile stuff and maybe sketches too.

Hope you like it, and thanks for watching :)