Feb 2, 2010

ScaleDude and the Opium Trip

Well, real title is supposed to be "EoW#133 Ancient Palace Ruins", but that sounds way more boring. As the title hints, its destiny was conceptart.org's Environment of the Week challenge.

It is mainly about composition, which was my main focus at every moment during the process, and I have learned a lot about it. My initial aim was doing some concept in the likes of platforming games, with a slightly less cartoony mood than usual (still not realistic). Took somewhere around 10 hours, since there was some back and forth with guiding the eyesight smoothly to where I wanted. If you want to have a look to a work in progress sequence, you can check it here.


  1. Nice work abe. Perhaps add a few more stairs? at the moment they're evenly distributed and not really in perspective, which takes away the illusion of the scale. If you correct that, this would make quite a piece!
    keep it up