Jun 22, 2010

New sketchbook!

Bought a new sketchbook yesterday, and I love the earthly tone. I normally sketch over white paper, but I hate how scanning it washes all the subtle paper grain out to a flat white, losing a lot of its "charm". So, after having a look at someone else's awesome Daley Rowney "earthbound" sketchbook, I found something kinda similar (yet thinner and more expensive, though) right in Madrid.

Recycled paper with tons of texture and enough roughness to allow a comfortable sliding of white pencil (often slippery due to its waxiness). Plus the chance to do grisaille. The king of papers. This is today's train sketch.


  1. Mola, ¿verdad?. Joven padawan, te propongo comprar unos cuantos por internet así nos salen más baratos los gastos de envío.
    Me gusta, se nota que te lo has pasado bien en el tren.

  2. esperemos que esto de los vikingos sea para largo....