Oct 25, 2010

Behind the Iron Curtain

It's been a nice workshop weekend in Bucharest. Nice people around and enriching experience overall. I'm particularly glad of having had the chance of a bit of life drawing, which is something I miss since I lost the habit of doing it when I left Madrid.

It was just a single pose actually, but enough to lubrify the skills a bit.


  1. Hi Abel,

    Glad to have met you "behind" the Iron Curtain!
    Love the life drawing and keep in touch!

  2. Qué pasa Abel.Soy Rive.He creado yo también un blog para cosas de estas y he metido un link al tuyo.

    Este es el mio:


    ...Iré dandole vidilla poco a poco
    Un saludo fiera,y a seguir dando caña