Feb 5, 2011

Next-gen handheld game model (wip)

I've been doing some 3D lately, it's always good to learn and go through other people's chunk of the pipeline, both because it is fun to explore, and because it ends up making you better at your work. Can't have enough with learning stuff, everything adds up.

Anyway, the character was a discarded concept for a pitch project I was involved time ago, and I thought it would be fun to model it. I've decided to stay within the range it was initially meant for, close to modern handheld devices. Around the polycount for iPad/3DS/PSP2 (just guessing, anyway). It still has a lot of problems, but I've overcome a myriad of them already, so it's being an awesome challenge. I must really thank my pal Lasse for the invaluable help with the tools.

Might eventually reduce the maps to half the size, to make it more gentle for those platforms, but anyway... still have stuff to fix and a diffuse to paint. The occlusion map will help me with the blocking.

Used: Zbrush, 3DSMax, Photoshop and Toolbag.

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