Aug 21, 2013


So, it's official now! Sony announced yesterday at Gamescom our next game RiME, to be released some time in the future exclusively for PS4.

RiME is a game about a young kid stranded in a derelict island somewhere deep in the Mediterranean, where he will unveil the secrets of a primitive, mysterious civilization that crumbled abruptly.

Here's a couple promo arts I did for the presentation, and most importantly, you can watch the HD trailer itself HERE.


  1. I caught the announcement yesterday; can't wait to see what you've contributed to the project! From what I understand, you were a lot more involved in it than Deadlight, and it looks like RiME is more up your alley in general.

  2. Impresionanate Abel, he visto el trailer, la luz, los colores, el estilo, una pasada de verdad :_)