Jan 10, 2014

Career Bucket List

I was thinking last January 5th (during which Spanish kids do their wanted gift lists for the "3 Wise Men") about cool projects I'd die to work in. After some quick brainstorming, I crafted my own "career bucket list".

No matter how much you enjoy your work, there's always lots of projects in your head, and always someone else's projects that make you go 'damn, I'd have loved to work in that one'. This list doesn't mean I wouldn't love to do other, completely different stuff; and in fact the list probably drifts during one's lifetime. It doesn't even mean I have the most remote expectations to fulfill all of them. If just a couple of them ever happened, I'd probably be the happiest guy in town.

So, for the power of wishful thinking, here's a list of the stuff I'd die to ever be a part of!

  • a 3D old-school brawler
  • designing creatures/characters for a child-oriented MMO (unless it's one of those corny Flash games)
  • a "mascot" platformer (sort of like Earthworm Jim, Donkey Kong, Crash Bandicoot, etc)
  • a lighthearted/stylized reinterpretation of a formerly realistic/boring IP
  • anything in a "Torchlight / "Magicka" fashion
  • a wacky, kart-like racing game
  • art-directing a painterly graphic adventure
  • designing the gameplay mechanics for some personal game concept (which seldom match the previously listed ones)
and specific titles:

  • anything "Oddworld" (man, who would I have to kill for that?)
  • anything based in the "Monkey Island" IP (that one's in honor of my 20-year-ago self)
  • a sequel to "No One Lives Forever"

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