Sep 15, 2015

Private Detective

Private detective done for the "Character Design Challenge" Facebook page.

Tried to keep the Agatha Christie / Cluedo feel of the flavour text. The briefing:

''An unusual crime has shocked the city last week. The body of a well known aristocrat, Lady Poppington, was found in her bedroom by her housemaid.

Four other people were in the Poppington Mansion at the moment of her death: Philip the butler, George the Gardener, Miss Mimi the Housemaid and Mr. Boringburg, a guest of the victim: none of them heard or noticed anything unusual that night.

The police didn't find any evidence at the crime scene that could lead to the killer nor did they find the murder weapon. The autopsy just revealed that the death was violent, but nothing more.

Lord Poppington (the victim's husband) disappointed by the results of the police investigation, is personally getting in touch with the greatest private detectives to finally solve the mystery of his wife murder''.

Edit: apparently, it won :)

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